Welcome to Two Fish Gallery!

Authentic Art – Uplifting Gifts – An Uncommon Experience

You will find us at the entrance to Fishtown in historic Leland, Michigan. Be sure you take a moment to glimpse the breathtaking beauty of Lake Michigan from our sidewalk, and then come inside. You'll be greeted enthusiastically by our staff and invited to partake in loads of fun! We’ll be waiting for YOU.


In the mid-1980s a very nice couple from Ohio decided to open a small studio for artists named Americana Collection in an historic building in downtown Leland, Michigan. The shop opened in 1987, and contained work that was a collection of Americana, or American art.  It evolved over the years, and was sold in 1997 to another nice couple named Jennifer and Michael.  As one could expect with new owners, the art selection and items inside changed over the years, and the name American Collection no longer seemed to fit.  In 2008 the name Americana Collection was changed to Two Fish Gallery, for reasons we’ll explain below. We discussed a name change for several years – it was a lively debate, to say the least. The new name had to be just right, encompassing what we were and yet leaving room for what we hoped to become. After many false starts, we found our new name. Or perhaps it found us. We wanted “Gallery” in our name because we found we were focused at least as much on sharing authentic art as we were on offering uplifting gifts. The “Two Fish” came from a number of sources, so it seemed just right. For one, we love Dr. Seuss (one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish anyone?). Second, as mentioned above, we are located at the entrance to historic Fishtown. Fishtown continues to operate as one of the few working commercial fishing villages in Michigan, the Great Lake state. Finally, and most importantly, there is the biblical reason. Of all the miracles performed by Jesus Christ during his three year public ministry, there is only one miracle story that is related in all four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). The feeding of the multitude with five loaves and two fish! If you want to know the exact verses, check out the back of our business card. We also mentioned our historic building in downtown Leland a little earlier. In 1880 the Leland Iron Company built an “eating house” for company personnel. Later known as the Coffee House, later again as a saloon, and even later still as the home of the Leelanau Enterprise, today the building is home for Two Fish Gallery. One hundred and thirty eight years, and counting.


Store hours

9am - 10pm 7 days a week in the summer 

10am - 6pm 7 days a week in spring and fall

Closed in January and February, except for an occasional weekend here or there

Please call ahead in the off season

104 W. River St.

PO Box 371

Leland, MI 49654