Baabaazuzu Trunk Show at Two Fish Gallery

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Baabaazuzu came to life as the result of a laundry mishap.  When owner, designer and CEO Sue Burns discovered a dryer full of shrunken sweaters, she didn't waste time wallowing. Instead, she grabbed her scissors and set to work to create jackets and hats from the shrunken wool for her two younger daughters.  

The rest, as they say, is history.  Sue's phone began to ring off the hook and a business was born almost overnight.  Sue and husband Kevin hustled to locate a good source of wool and found what they needed initially in local thrift stores, buying wool sweaters by the garbage bag full. Sue taught Kevin to sew and the two of them set up shop on the dining room table - creating long into the night.  

Eventually, Moms began asking for Baabaazuzu products in their size and Sue saw an opportunity to evolve the business. She switched gears and began to focus on women's items including jackets, mittens, hats, scarves, boot liners and more, and later expanded to include a men's line as well.  

Fast forward nearly 25 years and Baabaazuuzuu is an international hit.  Not only do they sell to over 900 retailers nationwide, upcycled Baabaazuuzuu goods can be found in Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea as well.  

At Two Fish Gallery, we are happy to carry the quirky, artsy, eco-friendly warmth of Baabaazuuzuu.  So much so, that we are hosting our third annual Baabaazuuzuu trunk show in our Leland store from Thursday, October 13th - October 23rd.  Stop in to see our collection of hat, mittens, scarves, slippers, bags, purses, pins & more and to enter our in-store contest!  See you soon!

Two Fish Gallery | Baabaazuzu Mittens | Leland MI
Two Fish Gallery | BaaBaazuzu Fingerless Glove | Leland MI
Two Fish Gallery | BaaBaazuzu Headband | Leland MI
Two Fish Gallery | BaaBaazuzu | Leland MI